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Monday Morning Photo - Finca de la Pansa

Finca de la Pansa B&B, once a farm house where grapes were dried to make the local Moscatel wine. The local farmsteads had this type of traditional frontage with arches so that the grapes - laid out on large cane mats could be dragged under cover quickly if it rained - yet still be out in the air to ´cure.´ See the video of Finca de la Pansa B&B on YouTube. Visit the  Finca de la Pansa website.

Short Stories

Just occasionally I write a short story, more often than not for a competition. Some I've found in notebooks and don't remember writing them! So I thought it would be a good idea to put them together on one page so they can be found again. I should probably go through all the notebooks I have too!

My Short Story Collection - may it grow...

The (Sad and Silly) Tale of Two Pairs of Sunglasses - Part 1

The (Sad and Silly) Tale of Two Pairs of Sunglasses - Part 2

A Life Changing Day This was for a competition in which I was shortlisted.

I did this as a post but found it in a notebook more as a story. Learning Fig Drying and Fig Roll Making From the Local Ladies

Also not really a short story but a competition entry entitled My Perfect Day in the Cotswolds for which I was a runner-up.

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