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Cordoba Flower Patios in the City and Province

The Cordoba patios are a riot of colour and architectural delights. Every May privately owned patios open their gates to visitors during the competition which is held for two weeks at the beginning of May after the May crosses festival.

During these two weeks private patios, usually hidden from the passer-by are open for public viewing. Quite often the facade is bland but step through to the open central patio and a feast of colour and sensations, water features and beauty stops you in your tracks. Fragrance and an abundance of nature in the midst of the city, time and time again, each very different, all with their own magical charm.

The patio competition began in 1918 and has continued yearly, except for a break during the Civil War years,  ever since. The Cordoban architectural style is preserved in these privately owned houses with their ancient patios and the competition is one way which these treasures can be seen and appreciated by all. These interior communal patios from Roman…

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