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New Life, Exploring Sierra Magina, September Wains

What a year! How will we remember 2020? A year of emotional ups and downs.and yet another month rushes past, this one must more exciting than any other this year as my first grandchild (that makes me feel so old) was born. A girl! Finally a little bit of balance creeps into my male oriented household, one husband and three sons make for a huge imbalance. I often count the dog and the cat making 3 females to the 4 males, just to make me feel better! 

After the confinement of March, April, May and into June the freedom to stretch wings and burn rubber has been amazing. I have lost a bit of that grounding and appreciation of the lock down, have you? I am taking it for granted that I can jump in the car and head out into them their hills whenever I want. And I have. But for day trips and reccy visits not for many stays this year. One of the areas which really is quite close to home but we don´t know very well is the Sierra Magina. An awesome natural area with stunning backdrops, little whi…

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