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The Best Estate Agents in Andalucia, My New Beginnings

I've done a few different jobs in my time but non have excited me as much as this new challenge. With age gallivanting along and some inheritance money I'm taking on a franchise with what I consider to be the best estate agents in my area. As you can imagine over the years I've heard some stories of appalling treatment by estate agents. Only this week a lovely couple in their 70s have been faced with a large tax bill because their estate agent, and their lawyer come to that, didn't as promised put everything into their name.

But off I go on a ramble again. Over the years I've helped quite a few people who my husband did work for, many of whom have become friends, sell or even buy a house. I do rather love looking at houses and rearranging them in my head. I think both hubby and I would say the period of time we most enjoyed in our twenty-three years here was the renovating of our holiday home Casa El Reguelo, which is by the way on the market because of our new ve…

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