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Vueling Airlines Remove Plastic

It is many moons ago, a decade and a half maybe when I first flew with Vueling. The ticket (should we still call them tickets) cost 10€ from Granada to Madrid where I had another bargain flight to East Midlands going one way by air to return in a car being given to me by family. What a fabulous and fun journey that was with two of my sisters-in-law. The brand new plane, with touches of grey and bright yellow, oh so shiny sat on the tarmac at Granada airport, a great small airport rather like a cafe as you can sit with your refreshments and watch your plane come in to land.  I was quite excited that another airline was going to use Granada airport, which sadly these days doesn´t see many flights from the UK (I mean even in normal times let alone Covid season.) Vueling are in my opinion one of the better lower cost airlines, just a shame there are not more flights to the UK but nationally there are very good, so I was really pleased to hear they have gone plastic-free.  They have reduced

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