Cogollos con Anchoas & Ajos Fritos - Little Gem Lettuce with Anchovies & Garlic Chips

My first tasting of Cogollos con Anchoas (pronounced co-goy-os) was on a tapas cookery class that hubby and I did in Iznajar. We came back with recipes of all the tapas we´d made in the cooking class and hubby (who loves a good flame) has been perfecting the dish ever since.

Every time friends come round he´s there precisely measuring (he´s a trained engineer) to make the sauce, making a wild (and scary) flame when tossing the vinegar in, then wilting those unsuspecting little lettuces - what a joy.

If you´re saying I don´t like anchovies they´re too salty, I once agreed with you, but done like this all the saltiness is removed and it´s finger-lickingly (and messily) good.

cogollos con anchoas, Little gems with anchovies
Cogollos waiting to be drizzled

Cogollos con Anchoas y Ajo Frito Recipe

4 little gem lettuces
3 garlic cloves, sliced very thinly
6 tbsp extra virgen olive oil
salt and pepper
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
Anchovies, tin of, 16 pieces needed

This is really quick last minute tapas to throw together. Cut the lettuce into four quarters, lay an anchovy over each. Quickly sauté the garlic in very hot oil until golden brown.

Season with salt and pepper remove from the heat, add the vinegar which should flame-up (not important if it doesn´t, but impressive if it does!)

Quickly pour over the lettuce and anchovies, serve and enjoy. Plenty of serviettes are needed.

Recipe thanks to Clive Ridout of Finca Las Encinas, read my Tapas Cooking Class post about our stay and cooking class there.

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