Bank Holiday Thoughts

It´s Bank Holiday again! December 8th. What a silly week this year, the 6th is also Bank Holiday, so Monday work, Tuesday no, Wednesday work, Thursday (today) no, tomorrow work, then it´s the weekend.

It´s hard to get motivated and frustrating as it´s the perfect opportunity to get in a shopping trip - yet the shops are shut. This year I am determined to get out there and buy locally, packages ordered online and arriving at the door are off limits.

So here I am, working (well, having a work break and blogging) from my bed. Always a bad start to the day, but it´s blustery and damp outside and the cat is being my hot water bottle, an honour I find hard to dismiss, and an excuse to stay where I am a while longer. 

She has only just become an indoor cat. After a foot injury when the vet told us to keep her inside, she has now mastered the art of opening our screen door to get in and able to exit herself too. Something I thought hubby would put a stop to, but no, she´s got him under her thumb too. So after demanding some of the dog´s breakfast outside she then goes inside for her own. Not a stupid cat at all. Not a bad life for the tiny stray, mewing kitten that strolled down our drive one day and caused havoc with the (then one) dog.

Tomorrow is the end of yet another week, quite unsettling at times just how fast they pass these days, and now I´m sounding just like my grandmother. I guess that is allowed as I am one myself now. How did that happen? How is it possible that next year is a roundy-numbered birthday and that we´ll have been here 27 years?

Time to jump out of bed, shrug off the sighs and make the most of this day before it too disappears into my past. I´m going to peruse the Eat for Elephants recipe book and do something new today.

Bank Holidays - always positive!

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