Eat Less Meat - Eat for Elephants Plant-based Cookbook

Since moving to Andalucia we added pulses to our diet but I have to admit not as often as we should and certainly not lately. Hubby is doing more cooking these days due to my working hours, so I try to plan easy meals for him to prepare. With prices rising and five of us to feed, again, for most main meals - which is midday here, I´m trying to add pulses to our menu more often.

When I came across the Eat for Elephants cookbook, a downloadable pdf full of plant-based recipes, for which all the profits go to support rescue elephants I thought 5 GBPs for some interesting meat-free ideas, that hubby, who an engineer by training, could follow, would spice up our lunches. He´s not happy with my vague guestimate measurements. So, hopefully he can measure away to his heart´s content, follow recipes step by step and provide some more interesting meals than we´ve had lately (yes, I have told him, how boring the stew was, could do with some flavour etc.)

So I´m hoping my idea of less meat, more plant-based meals (not telling the meat-loving sons) will be a great experiment, will save the well-spent 5 GBPs (sorry I can´t find the pound sign on my Spanish keyboard) while helping elephants too.

Some feedback on recipes will follow!

Want to help the elephants and eat less meat? Here´s the link for Eat the Elephants Plant-based Cookbook.

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