Travel Writer in Jaén

After many years of saying, probably more like mumbling, that I blog, I´m a blogger, I now feel I can say I´m a writer. I´m a travel writer in Jaén, my home province since 1996. I write, which means I am a writer and I blog which means I am a blogger, I´m also an estate agent, but strangely enough I´ve never had a problem admitting that. 

What is it about writing or writers that makes it hard to say or admit that is what they do, especially if one doesn´t make a living or part of a living at doing so? 

La Iruela, Jaén
La Iruela, Cazorla, Jaén

Well, this year I have become a writer. I have written the Cordoba and Jaen chapter for the new format Andalucia Guide by Lonely Planet. I have written therefore I must be. 

What´s next? Well I´m excited about the transition of to, which should be live by the end of the year, with a new team raring to take the online magzine to great heights.

And there are my other blogs of course, take a trip to Luxury Spain Travel and Only Spain Boutique Hotels.

Or pop over to the pages here Other Writings or Travel Writer in Jaén.

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