Lockdown in Spain Part 3 - A Difficult Day and a Study of Poo(h)

It seems to be 10th April. It's noon on Friday four working weeks into our lockdown. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it is longer. In fact I will be surprised if it isn't. It's a struggle. The weather is in sympathy with the virus and is doing all it can to keep me indoors. Cold, wet, windy edging on stormy. Yes, I am still in Andalucia. It doesn't seem so.

It is getting difficult to get out of the warm and cosy bed. Getting dressed seems like a pointless exercise.Yet would be the only exercise some days. My days revolve around mealtimes. I do admit I am quite enjoying more time to cook. More time to Google ' Best Crispy Wedge Potatoes' 'Spicy Chicken Wing  Marinade' 'What animal digs a shallow hole to poo in' 'What's the PH of our stomach'
And there have been many, many more..

I'm from mixed parentage. An optimist and a pessimist ( good typo there for a moment - pissimist -think it will catch on?) I might start using that. This creates a swinging from sunny to stormy and not much keeps the downward swing at bay on these tricky, no work, no income days.

Optimist - it's nearly the official four weeks since lockdown began.

Pissimist - lunch to get over with soon then the yard arm (a set 7.30pm) will be next

'Today Was A Difficult Day' said Pooh

Yesterday optimist ruled and I set a goal to reach 10,000 steps which would have been the first in four weeks but the weather really didn't want me to achieve that and chucked it down as I was contemplating sallying out for the last 3,000.

Earlier in the day and what provoked the Google poo search. I'd noticed a pile of quite fresh what I thought was dog poo and while thinking how could one dog do so much saw a track of trampled grass. My imagination got into slightly panic mode, I called the dog and headed away from the overgrown, great place for wild boar to nest, riverbank.

Studying Google images reassured me it wasn't wild boar so I returned again today to look. Yep life has become a poo study. A new little shallow pit with very fresh poo was beside several filled with ageing poo. Back  home with my photos and search engine - what I found was a badger toilet! Apparently apart from humans badgers are the only British mammal to use purpose-built toilets. I could have gone through another 50 odd years without learning that!

So just for you

Fresh Badger Poo

I may have found myself  new evening entertainment, with plenty of time to surf,  I actually get that term now, another hour flew by on from my first badger poo image search. I now know a lot more about badgers!

If like me you might like to go badger watching here's an interesting old article Badger watching: a beginner's guide.

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