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Monday Morning Photo - Valdepeñas de Jaén

 Land of strong goat cheese and fabulous views, Valdepeñas de Jaén.

Lockdown in Spain Part 2

So we've just completed one week of lockdown here in Spain (Sunday 22nd  March) to be greeted by the news it will be extended another 15 days. One week down, three to go. I am so pleased it wasn't given out as a four week lockdown in the beginning. Two weeks were daunting enough.

Being locked down conjures up padlocks and chains pinning us to the ground! It is not only physical but a mental battle too. For ages I've been thinking of all those jobs needing doing which I'd said to myself  'one day' I'll get them done. Now I have so much time on my hands and I can not motivate myself to do any of them.

This is the first (second counting Lockdown in Spain) thing I have written all week, even though Lyn from, where I write a fortnightly article, keeps sending through motivating emails  I will probably, as usual, bash it out at the last minute next week.

Hubby's just burst in saying there's a plague of locusts travelling from Africa to India, my last B-C-ing-U article was about a plague of caterpillars, all this on top of C0VID-19. What is happening with the world? Our almost ever-present blue sky is a grey mass and has just begun to hail! This is surreal. I often wondered about the saying ' a month of Sundays' - that is what we have. A whole load of nothing to do. Time just isn't the same. When working I could accurately gauge the hour, now it is always earlier than I think (or hope!)

So with the weather taking on my mood, I can't even short walk the dog or take the rubbish up. It is hard to get on with things when there's three weeks to do them in. Deadline (except one article) are non existent, lunch today was stupidly early which makes for a longer afternoon.

Middle son has shaved off his hair and looks like a convict, even he is hoping it will grow quickly and the kettle is now whistling for the umpteenth cup of tea today.

Roll on the end of week 2!

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