Favourite Discoveries of 2011

Where to start?

My favourite book of 2011 was definitely Two Middle-aged Ladies in Andalusia, I first read an article while staying in the UK several years back mentioning it.

Why it took so long to finally order it from Amazon I don´t know. I do know I´m now more organised and write down my "must read list" just need to remember where I´ve written it and not all the book titles.

Penelope Chetwode wrote it in 1960 in diary-style portraying her trip on a not-so-young mare. Her story and the social history made me attempt to trace some of the places she stayed - but that´s another tale.

My favourite sight of 2011 has to be heading over the top of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, dropping down onto the plains and spotting La Calahorra.

My Favourite Drive of 2011 was from Almeria to Malaga along the coast road. I´d done bits, Malaga to Nerja, Motril to La Herradura etc. but never the whole lot. So I planned the camping trip inspections to be able to go along the bottom stretch. Beautiful in places man-made ugliness in others, but there is something so soothing and refreshing about the vastness of water and lack of traffic that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The Alpujarras journey came a close second, but lost due to being like a bad rollercoaster ride to the stomach.

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