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Where to Stay in Spain - Eco-friendly Casa Valle de Oro B&B

For peace and quiet, wonderful views and pure relaxation, with option to go exploring in Andalucia´s stunning interior, there are few better bases than Casa Valle de Oro.  Located in the north of Malaga province near the town of Villanueva de Algaidas and very close to the border with Cordoba and its lovely lake town Iznajar and easy access to Granada and Cordoba cities.  Casa Valle de Oro, which in Spanish means Valley of Gold or Golden Valley nestles in a shallow vale of olive trees from which is produced liquid gold or extra virgen olive oil, Casa Valle de Oro´s oil, as the ethos of the house, is ecological. From the terrace, which overlooks the swimming pool and down the valley, there are golden sunsets, two very different  reasons for one good name for the lovely Casa Valle de Oro B&B.  There are also two yurts, Marrakesh and Oriental, between the olive trees which provide lovely, dappled shade in the summer, with a path to their own shower room and a trickling stream to add t

Estate Agent Martos, Andalucia Staying, Not Much Exploring,

Wow, half way through April, already. Spring sprung with a heatwave which has dipped a bit now with that lovely cool breeze of spring that becomes warm air in summer. It´s been in the mid 20s - too much, too soon. Especially when we haven´t had any rain. Here there´s a saying ´En abril, hay aguas mil.´ Literally in ´April there´s a thousand waters/rain´ I don´t think we´ve had one drop yet this month. Not good. The reservoirs are not healthy, which knowing the heat yet to come is rather worrying.

But spring is here, the lilac is flowering, wisteria budding, irises going over - I love this time of year. It is also house huntering season! At the estate agency we´ve been busy. Busier than I´ve known it since opening the office in September 2019 when we saw the mad rush to buy before Brexit. Then we won´t mention March 2020 and what that brought. What a lifetime ago that all seems.

Did I mention that I´m an estate agent these days and I love my job!? I meet people of all nationalities, I look at houses, photograph and video them. I drive around the fabulous countryside of Inland Andalucia, so when the weekend comes, if there are no viewings, I just want to stay home, potter and chill out, when I´ve been out on the road lots. It doesn´t always happen! When the 2.5 year-old granddaughter comes around there is not a chilled out second, but plenty of amusement and activity.  If I´ve been stuck in the office a lot I want to get out and about on days off. 

Being busy means we´ve hardly been anywhere new, that wasn´t work, except looking at a couple of camper vans which is so much more difficult to find one we want to see not too far away. That is on hold yet again it seems. Perhaps a weekend away planned around looking at vans is the way forward.

May this year is our 27th year near Martos in Jaén province and this May my leap into six decades, that calls for a non chilled out weekend! The beauty of living here is we can plan Paella, BBQs etc. outdoors, with plenty of shade of course.  Even in January this year I´d planned a Paella party for the middle son´s 30th but the day before the weather changed and it became indoor do.

While I´m still in long sleeves and socks, those from abroad come in shorts and sandals, it´s NOT hot yet I think. The heat is ramping up, but compared to July and August this isn´t bare legs and feet weather! Seeing so much sun I don´t feel the need to sit in it or expose flesh to it, rather I hunt out shade for most of the year, except those short winter months when the sun is sought.

If you have a camper van for sale in Andalucia or are looking to buy a property here (there´s a clue to the Estate Agency name in the text)  do give me a shout! 

Until next time.

Hasta pronto.

Want to see which estate I work for in inland Andalucia?

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