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Monday Morning Photo - Wisteria Time in Andalucia

How quickly spring comes around after the short winter here in the Sierra Sur de Jaén. After lots of very much needed rain we´re back to the normal cloudless blue.  My garden is shooting incredbily with the moisture and now sunshine. And my beautiful wisteria flowers grandly albeit it short-lived. The big black carpenter bees love it. Each flowering season reminds me of the Botanical Gardens in Malaga and the ´tunnel´ of wisteria that I haven´t yet caught in bloom. April is a good time to plan to go if it´s on your list.  Here´s the botanical garden link La Concepción Botanical Gardens. And a sneaky peak at the wisteria. See the Monday Morning Photos list.

Monday Morning Photo - Castle, Parador and Monumental Cross - Santa Catalina Jaen

Castillo de Santa Catalina is situated on Santa Catalina hill which overlooks the city of Jaén and the sea of olive trees beyond.
The hill is also the location of the Parador hotel and walking passed both Parador and castle a walkway leads to an enormous white monumental cross at the end of the elongated hill. 

Castillo de Santa Catalina
Castillo de Santa Catalina

See the Parador de Santa Catalina on 

 See the Monday Morning Photos page

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