Vueling Airlines Remove Plastic

It is many moons ago, a decade and a half maybe when I first flew with Vueling. The ticket (should we still call them tickets) cost 10€ from Granada to Madrid where I had another bargain flight to East Midlands going one way by air to return in a car being given to me by family. What a fabulous and fun journey that was with two of my sisters-in-law.

The brand new plane, with touches of grey and bright yellow, oh so shiny sat on the tarmac at Granada airport, a great small airport rather like a cafe as you can sit with your refreshments and watch your plane come in to land.  I was quite excited that another airline was going to use Granada airport, which sadly these days doesn´t see many flights from the UK (I mean even in normal times let alone Covid season.)

Vueling are in my opinion one of the better lower cost airlines, just a shame there are not more flights to the UK but nationally there are very good, so I was really pleased to hear they have gone plastic-free.  They have reduced glasses, cutlery and stirrers by 100%!! This means they have avoided 5 million glasses, 1 million tea stirrers and 200,000 sets of cutlery which have been replaced by other sustainable material such as wood or recycled paper.

Other initiatives are being used to save 2,000 tons of fuel a year by reducing weight being carried and they are well on track to achieve zero net emissions by 2050.


Is the airline you use as commited? 

This is not a promotional or paid post just me sharing what I think is a good move by a good airline.

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