Saturdays, Almost Spring, Gardening and Olive Grove Tracks in the Sierra Sur de Jaen

It's 16th February and a very pleasant 18c. It's the first warm Saturday that I've been at home. Saturday's are just so special. That lie-in, waking without the alarm waking you, I do remember the days of kids jumping on the bed before being properly awake, that's long gone now. Knowing that the pace is just that bit slower and then the bonus - it's lovely and warm.

The days don't start or finish that warm though! It's the season of layering up and down then up again. But it's beautiful. The stirrings of spring. The best time here in northern Andalucia before the searing, almost unbearable, heat of the summer arrives.

Last Saturday hubby and I went to Ibiza for 3 nights, my first time, not including a visit when I was 10, and I don't remember except heat and building works (post to come). The Saturday before it was down to Granada to visit a brilliantly restored gentleman's house La Casa Grande de Zujaira. Which makes a weekend at house all the more enjoyable and appreciated.

Olive Groves, Sierra Sur de Jaen

Even after almost 23 years, and with sunshine nearly every day, the urge to do the washing and hang in out in the sunshine never leaves me! Today an urge to get in the garden as everything is beginning to bud overtook me. Actually that's not quite true! I went over to our holiday home, just seven minutes away down a track through the olive groves to see how hubby was getting on with the renovations.

Well, the urge to pull a few weeds, prune the overgrowness of months (or more) of neglect overtook me and there I was, mucky, sweaty and pink nosed. With two great heaps of prunings for bonfires and no lunch ready.  It was time to get out of the sun for a bit and as with the sunny warm days the longing for a beer while cooking crept in. I refused, still trying to lose weight which piles on so easily these days.

Olive Groves, Sierra Sur de Jaen

Watered down grapefruit juice was my tipple and lunch (we have our main meal, as do most Spaniards at lunchtime, mainly because of work routines) was jolly-handy-leftovers from the fridge.  I rather like that, and if it is only hubby, youngest son and I then I can get away with it. If the two larger sons were home too that would be impossible.

The chickens know the warm weather is here to, yesterday was the first two egg day this winter. We've been down to one egg a day from our three chickens, and sometimes none when it's been really cold. For a few weeks we've hovered around 0c overnight, I don't mind seeing the back of those mornings. Nor do the dotty chickens, they get rather confused when the water pot is frozen.

This morning it was 4c, let's see what this night will bring. Hopefully after all the pruning we'll have no more freezing nights - the joy of living in the mountains, freezing winters (though short) and boiling summers (too long).

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