Books About Spain by Female Writers

I've read quite a bit lately about writing challenges and that made me realise that I've probably read only two books all the way through this year. That must be the least ever. Between caring for ageing family, sons leaving, not quite leaving, returning and leaving again this year has flown by.

I love reading (or I did when I had time.)  But I only read paperback books because much of my time is spent staring at screens. So much so, that I never read books on a screen.

I'm well aware that page turning paper books are not really flavour of the month but it's the only way I can read. As a relaxing pastime, staring at a screen even an e-reader one (which is a technology gadget that needs recharging - how 'green' is that)  is not a way to turn off or wind down for me.

Grumble over, I set about finding books for my self-set challenge. A plan to read one book a month for the next twelve months. But not just a book a month but only female authors in the travel genre and if possible Spain or Spanish based.

So if you have any ideas or recommendations for me please get in touch. This is my list so far, it has to grow to at least twelve. Hopefully with your input.

Books on Spain by Female Writers

My list has begun. After trawling because I live in Spain it is always my first choice. Failing finding what I want there it's them The UK is where most of my English language books come from (usually from charity shops)  anyway  I don't get free delivery if I order from the UK!

My Must Read Travel Books on Spain

So, my first choice and  books I have ordered is, the drumroll, ........

The Heart Has Its Reasons - Maria Duenas

Spain - Jan Morris

Only in Spain: A Foot-Stomping, Firecracker of a Memoir About Food, Flamenco, and Falling in Love by Nellie Bennett (this was a must because my portfolio of Boutique Hotels in Spain is called Only Spain)

West With The Night by Beryl Markham ( an old classic based in my neighbour  Africa in the 1920s & 30s)

The year of living Danishly by Helen Russell (nothing to do with, nor close to Spain but the reviews were good.)

Order placed. I must finish the book in hand, although it is not in hand. I'll be blowed if I can tell you the title or author's name. I might pick it up tonight, read the back to get the overall idea and the last page I read where the bookmark is. Possibly I'll read a further page, maybe two and then tiredness overtakes and I'll put it down for a day, a week or two. Life throws different balls all the time. Time and being knackered are mine right now! But it will not last. Changes are afoot yet again. Life looks like becoming more as it was.

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