The Art & Craft of Weaving, Workshop in a Spanish Natural Park

Surrounded by pine trees in the heart of Cazorla, Segura & Las Villas Natural Park in the province of Jaen in Andalucia lies a tiny little shop, workshop and museum of looms and weaving.

The lovely scatty, chatty Ana and her partner live with their adopted dogs in beautiful isolation working on the gorgeous creations available in their shop.

Ana sits working and weaving one of the large floor rugs ordered by a luxury hotel, all the time  smiling and explaining how the loom works. The creamy, thick woollen rug takes shape as the simple patten emerges.

Other creations from baby boots to gorgeous silky scarves and long thicker woolen shawls fill the display cabinets with their colourful and diverse products.

An array fit for any top class boutique in the depths of nowhere, miles from a town and not easy to find as we'd found out.

The variety and quality of their creations is stunning as the rainbow colours claim your attention and you just have to feel their texture, wool, cotton, silk all delight the fingertips and each unique item, they never make two personal items the same, is divine.

The books on weaving that Ana has are all in  English she explains, jabbering on in rapid Spanish she flicks through the book pointing out patterns that she likes and has used. She is self-taught and then taught her other half and the other half of AyF Tejedores or A & F Weavers, Francis who was also at work on a larger loom.

They have an apartment which is available for self-catering and also used for weaving students who come from all over the world to stay as long as they want to learn the skills Ana is so passionate about sharing. The art and craft of weaving is one that has me hooked and I would so love to go and spend a week or more in this small, fun workshop learning the complicated skill of loom weaving.

Ana and Francis take on private commissions as well as selling items from the premises and can be found via their Facebook page AyF Tejedores.

See more photos on my Monday Morning Photo Weaving Shop, Workshop & Musuem this was one of our visits in Cazorla Natural Park with Jaen Tourist Board and with Turisnat 4x4 guides.

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