What to Visit in Jaen

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If you want to visit Jaen, these are the chosen Top sites of What to Visit in Jaen in whichever season you choose to go.

Jaen Cathedral
Situated in the Plaza de Santa María it is  the most emblamatical monument in Jaen. A Renaissance jewel and one of Spain's most important cathedrals. The work of architect Andres de Vandelvira, it contains the Relic of the Holy Face. 
Catedral jaen

2. Santa Catalina Castle

Sited in the highest part of the city on Santa Catalina hill it holds a priviliged positon and is a fabulous spot to contemplate the views of the city. The original fortress consisted of three towers, these days only one, the Alcazar Nuevo (which was built after the reconquest by The Catholic Kings) and parts of the city wall remain. An interesting  Interpretation centre is inside the castle.

castillo Jaén

3. Santa Catalina Cross

Carry on the walkway to the large white cross, a monument erected on the site where King Fernando III defeated the Moorish troops in 1246. He stuck the cross of the  Catholic Kings in the ground to show that they now ruled the city. It is a great spot to view the city and far beyond.

Cruz Castillo Jaén

4. San Ildefonso Church

Another marvellous city monument that has three surprising facades, one gothic, one mannerist and a neoclassical one. The catacombs are the most beautiful feature. Entry is free but opening hours are restricted.


5.  La Magdalena Church

Located in the La Magdalena area of the city this is the oldest church in Jaen. It was built on the site of a Mezquita and then coverted into a church in the XIII century after the Reconquest.

Some of its original Moorish structure still remains such as the ablution patio with its water storage. It also has some Roman traces and a gothic facade creating an unusual and interesting mix of architectural styles. Entrance is free but check the opening hours.

6. Arco de San Lorenzo: 

Arco San Lorenzo
Arcos de San Lorenzo found in Almendros Aguilar street in the old part of the city is the only remaining part of the apse from San Lorenzo church dated from XIII/XIV. It can be visited from the outside only.

These are just a few suggestions of what to see in Jaen, there are many more. For an idea of what's on in Jaen province see this post  (in Spanish) 40 cosas que hacer en Jaén. 
Please check all opening hours before going.
Translated by me with permission from David Marmol. Written for Meson Despeñaperros Blog.
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