Introducing Girona and the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava was one of many firsts for me. My first ever holiday abroad, my first plane flight, the first foreign food ( I didn't think much of it then!) and the first time I ever came back from holiday with five new pairs of shoes. I must have been about twelve and I'd caught up with my mum in shoe size, the only reason I got so many pairs. I was never really sure who they belonged to. Even so they weren't mine for long, I soon overtook her height-wise and in shoe size.

Catalunya Nature

And the point? Really the only thing I remember about that holiday is the name Costa Brava, the shoes, the incredible oven-opening-blast of heat when stepping out of the plane and a boat trip.  I have decided that since I've now lived in Spain in excess of twenty years (don't try and work out how old I am) it's time I learnt more about my first footsteps in Spain and plan a trip there too.

Introducing Girona and the Costa Brava 

Girona, historical city and province, is bordered by the Pyranees to the north, the Costa Brava to the east, Barcelona is to the south and Lleida in the west. It's most famous for its coast. Dramatic rocky coves and secluded sandy beaches offer all types of watersports, on the transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Combine that with strolls along the coastal paths and exploring charming fishing villages and you've a perfect coastal resort for beach lovers.

Girona Cathedral

If you prefer nature Girona has plenty of it. One third of the province is protected natural area including the Girona Pyranees where skiing, climbing and hiking abound. For those, like me, who prefer a little something more relaxing what about golf, walking in the Natural Parks and discovering the small mountain towns with snow-capped peaks in the distance.

Girona for the Foodie

Being one of the leading innovative areas in Spain the gastronomy from land and sea, mountains and rivers will delight. Land of Michelin stars you'll be hard-pressed or have to stay a long time to dine in each one of the 14 Michelin starred restaurants. it would definitely be fun to try.

Vines - Copyright DO Priorat
Of course where there is fine food there's also fine wine so exploring the The DO Empordà Wine Route is on my list as well as a cooking class or two. I guess while we're on a foodie trip then visiting the various cheese producers and testing some of the craft beers is also a must.

What I don't Want to Miss on the Costa Brava

Girona for Caves

Diana cave and dolmens are some of Catalonia's most spectacular megalithic monuments. The 7 metre cave leads into a circular burial chamber and at the Serinya Cave complex there's  an interpretation and educational centre about the Palaeolithic culture from 250,000 - 200,000 and the Magdalenians from 15,000 - 9,000 BC.

El Toll Caves

Costa Brava for Water Sports

With over 30 diving schools along the length of the stunning coastline there's a huge choice of diving sites from undercaves to wrecks. Maybe it's time I joined hubby and learn to scuba dive - just another fear to overcome. There's also sailing centres, kayaking and windsurfing schools but for me a boat trip out into the Med and exploring rugged, coves on a glass-bottomed boat would be my cherry on the cake.

Kayaking Catalunya

So my return to my first holiday spot abroad will be packed with activities on the land, in the sea, and possibly in the air it may include a mooch around the shops but shoes will not feature in my agenda.

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