Great Hotels and Trip Planning in Spain

Hotels and tourism have always been part of my life since travelling with my family and later my father. Sipping pink champagne on the back of ferry heading to Trouville y Deauville to look after my baby brother while my father and  his partner played in an important Bridge championship.

Palacio San Benito, Cazalla de la Sierra, Sevilla

Trip Planning

That trip fired up my desire and love for travel, both for work and pleasure. I wandered unknown back streets pushing a pushchair, turning the corners that I wanted to. Stopping when I wanted. Backtracking, taking photos. Maybe without being in charge and responsible for my brother I wouldn't have been so comfortable at just sweet sixteen. Maybe I gained some confidence from not actually being alone. I found myself on that trip. I discovered that being alone isn't lonely. In the (many decades that have passed) I have felt lonelier in a group of people than in solitude. I planned my days so I could see as much as possible. I discovered the planning was almost as much fun as the doing.

My love for travel and hotels has never waned. The ability to travel and explore has. Having children, moving to another country, working, renovating a holiday home all took so much time and left little for passions. But now I'm always planning, our (these days just hubby & I) next jaunt.

Now my youngest son is 18, I'm not sure how those years flew by so quickly, I'm feeling lighter. Yes, all three of them are still at home. Sometimes we're two for meals other times we're seven with the (so far) two Spanish girlfriends. It seems right to make time for what I want to do and it's happening.

Great Hotels

My baby, my project -  Only Spain ~ Boutique Hotels is beginning to gain momentum, along with the trip planning service I provide. If you're looking for great hotels and trip planning help for your holiday to Spain  check me out Only Spain ~ Boutique Hotels.

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