Where to Stay in Cazorla - Cortijo de San Juan Bautista

On our last long public holiday, an often occuring long weekend when Tuesday or Thursday is the official Bank Holiday we get Monday or Friday too, the weather was unseasonably warm and beautiful so we decided to head to Cazorla Natural Park or more precisely the town of Cazorla. As our youngest son was going to come my accommodation search was rather different to normal. No Boutique Hotel this time. As it was only decided on Saturday and we went on Monday the choice wasn't huge. I went for a two rooms in a charming-looking guest house with shared bathroom, something acceptable with family!

Cazorla Town

Then the 17 years old, last-minute-decision-maker, decided not to come with us. I chose not to cancel his room as I didn't want to share a bathroom with anyone else (unlikely at that late stage in the day, but a possibility) and if necessary we'd pay for his room too, even two rooms was cheaper than we usually pay for one.

Wilson sneaking closer and closer!

We found Cortijo San Juan Bautista without any problem and drove into what seemed to be a farmyard and barking dogs. The dogs were gorgeous Bassett Hounds and puppies like teddy bears with baggy skin and saggy eyes, the huge 'dad' dog's name is Wilson.

It was quite quirky really. This lovely Spanish couple in very rural Andalucia had a shabby chic, Home & Garden style home, lots of varities of tea and lovely English pottery mugs!

We found out that they had only opened this year, the entrance will be from the opposite side and very nice it will be too! The house is lovely, so are all their plans. With children having left home and a rambling house they have thrown in lots of love, effort and expense to make this B&B charming and attractive.

Our room from bathroom to be steps.

Our cosy bedroom had steps up to an original tower which they are going to turn into a huge bathroom with windows all around.

Shabby Chic & Traditonal Decor

To say we enjoyed our stay is an understatement. We only paid for our room, which was 30€ and we wouldn't have found it without our son planning on going. Just 5 minutes drive from Cazorla town, it's lovely, peaceful, recommendable and you'll leave feeling refreshed, looked after and sad to be leaving new found friends and possibly, like us, a local bottle of extra virigin olive oil.

Cortijo San Juan Bautista - a great place to stay.

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