Malaga - What to See and Do

Malaga is an exciting city. I didn't always think so. Having made countless journeys down from home in Jaen to Malaga airport over the last twenty years I avoided the city (except the times earlier on when I found myself driving around in circles around Spain's sixth largest city outskirts.)

Then little by little edging into the city, along the coast, down to the port and away from the huge sprawl I found a delightful heart. So after my friend Shawn - Sevilla's Tapas Queen raved about Malaga, especially the tapas, I decided it was time to have a closer look. When an airport drop-off was early on in the day I met Victor from We Love Malaga and that was it. My view of Malaga changed in a couple of hours, that was many visits ago.

Any opportunity I get these days I pop into the old city. Where else is there that has fabulous monuments, great shopping, a huge variety of museums and beaches? Its history goes back to the Phoenicians in 800 BC, the Romans left there mark as did the Moors and it's this mix of ancient and modern that I love.

Roman amphitheatre and Moorish Castle, expensive shops and narrow streets crammed with tapas bar tables, beach restaurants and fabulous far-reaching roof top views, gastronomy market, port-side shopping, Moroccan  RestaurantHammam Baths shall I go on?

Malaga is an exciting city - stop and see.

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