Salmorejo - Best Spanish Tapas

Salmorejo is my all-time favourite Spanish dish for those scorching summer days. It used to be a messy business when I made my own but since my cooking day in Malaga I've learnt how to simplify the making and the mess. Here's how I make it now.

8 Tomatoes
1 Medium Baguette
1 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Clove Garlic
Splash of Sherry Vinegar
Pinch of Salt
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
Sliced Serrano Ham
Small red or green pepper (optional)

First scald the tomatoes to make them easy to peel by cutting a cross in the bottom of each one and putting them into boiling water for 30-60 seconds. Remove immediately into a cold water bath and the skin will peel off easily.

Cut the cores out and blend the tomatoes and pepper if used for about 30 seconds, add the bread, but only the soft inside, the quantity can be adjusted according on how thick you like your Salmorejo. Blend well for several minutes.

Tomatoes and Bread 

Salmorejo and Gazpacho

Add a splash of vinegar, salt, and garlic and blend well then add the oil slowly, once incorporated add one hard-boiled egg, adjust seasoning.

Salmorejo ready to chill

Chill and enjoy garnished with bits of jamon and chopped hard-boiled egg. I think of it more as a dip than a soup and serve it with fresh crusty bread.

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