Toolani - Cheaper Foreign Phone Calls From Spain

When approached and asked if I wanted to try out Toolani, an app for making cheaper calls to foreign numbers while in Spain with 10 euro credit to try it I said yes. Why not? When visitors come to our holiday home or family come they all have their mobiles with them and bills run up or credit runs out pretty quickly.

Not really being into apps, more from lack of time to play than not wanting to, I was a little apprehensive but it was easy. I downloaded the Toolani app fom Google Play, registered and there was my 10 euro credit ready to go. So now as soon as I go to phone a number outside Spain I get a pop up asking if I want to use Toolani, click on yes and my phone call is dialled. I pay 0,229 € to English mobiles and 0,029 € to English fixed phones per minute, each country has a different fee.

Toolani Logo

Not that I have used all the cridit I was given but I've also topped it up quickly and easily with a 50% offer, pay 5€ and get 10€ of calls. An easy way to make and save on phone calls, I will continue using Toolani when the occasions arise.

What I like about Toolani is that you buy credit so I can see how much credit I have and no nasty surprise bills at the end of the month. The downside is that an SMS can only be sent using IOS via their website and they cost 10 centimos, not a problem with my Android phone. Not everybody has WhatsApp yet and I find a lot of my older visitors don't, which means when they get lost or need help my phone bill used to shoot up.

Why not take a look and see if Toolani is for you.

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