Bar Pato Rojo - Great Seafood Tapas

Ten steps from the cathedral the tiny, time-warped everything-chrome Pato Rojo with its fast and furious service with a smile and fabulous varied seafood has been around for a very long time. Looking through the door when closed and seeing the time-warp decor may make you feel like walking on by - don't.

Try hustling through the tiny narrow bar when busy to smiling cheery bar tenders and an incredible choice of both free tapas and menu and it's heaven. Everyone's friendly even with elbows clashing and the bar tender stretching plates overhead to reach the far wall, it really is that tiny. With around 5 tables on the street and the same in the back room, the bar is often the only choice or ask for a table and wait. It's busy for a good reason.

Free Tapas - Prawns

Having a girly tapas crawl around the provincial capital this was definitely our favourite and hubby admitted next day (first time I'd heard it) that he'd been there in 1995 on a boys reccy trip and it was excellent then! He's never taken me there.

Free Tapas - Fried

Free Tapas - Cuttlefish

The great thing (sometimes) about being female and foreign is some special attention. We certainly had special or extra tapas and couldn't have possibly ordered anything from the menu if we wanted, we'd struggled (in vain) to finish that which we'd been served.

Free Tapas - Rosada (King Clip)

Free Tapas - Battered Prawns

We had seven or eight tapas, I lost count and forgot to photograph them as they seemed to be coming so fast. Our bill was 12.90€ for 3 white wines and 3 beers (two non alcoholic) I was driving.

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