Museo de Agricola, Posada de Ubeda & Renaissance Ubeda - UNESCO City

When Ubeda and Baeza celebrated 10 years since becoming UNESCO sites they did it in style with many hotels offering rooms for 10 Euros a night during a period of 10 days. An offer to good to miss and seeing as we'd been to Baeza and Hotel La Laguna for hubby's birthday in January and that one place I really wanted to stay was participating in the offer we headed to Ubeda and the Museo de Agricola/Posada de Ubeda for a night.

Frontage full of old relics, me too.

The Museo de Agricola also known as the Posada de Ubeda is an amazing place adorned with old implements both inside and out. Not quite in the historical part of the city but only five minutes walk away.

Dull lighting and every nook, cranny and inch of wall space not forgetting the ceiling was crammed with lethal weapons, rusting implements, cart wheels and what must be every tool ever used in the good old days.

Ubeda's huge plaza has non of this quaint, friendly feel, but is stunning. Enormous buildings surround, yet are dwarfed by, the huge square.

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