Autumn Abundance

At the weekend a wild rabbit was presented to me, thankfully it had been skinned and gutted. It was delicious, not too strong or chewy. I sauteed it slowly for two hours with plenty of olive oil, onions, herbs and garlic.

Today a sack of goodies, peppers, aubergines, beans and melons from one neighbour and a carrier bag of tomatoes from another. A veritable array of freshly picked produce. It hadn't been my plan for this morning but it looks like I'll be spending more time in the kitchen than presumed.

I've just started a huge melon bought out of the back of a van for 1 Euro at a local market last month and it is really good, sweet and perfectly ripe. So I think I'll try storing at least one of these. I know one of my neighbours stores melons until Christmas and beyond so I might put one aside and see.

And the aubergines? It has to be fried aubergines with caña de miel a type of molasses dribbled over them. Maybe pisto too, the Spanish version of Ratatouille, using some of the peppers, beans, lots of the tomatoes and possibly some aubergine.

Green peppers are delicious alone just fried slowly in olive oil until their green colour loses its sheen and turns more like an olive green. I love them in a sandwich with bacon - not a very Spanish accompaniment I know, they have them on their own.

The tomatoes will become Tomato Frito literally just fried tomatoes. Absolutely delicious and very easy. Just chop the tomatoes, squeeze out the seeds and fry slowly until well reduced and thick. Really good for spreading on toast with olive oil, as a base for a pizza topping, or it freezes really well to be used when tomato frito or tomato puree would be used.

The weather might be cooling down rapidly now, but the heat in my kitchen will be rising today.

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