Monday Morning Photo - Driving Nice Roads in Andalucia

Every so often on an exploratory trip hubby will declare ¨this is a nice road.¨ It´s taken a while but I´ve finally understood the difference between just any old road and a nice one.

Having driven from home (Jaén) to Malaga airport, on to Granada city centre and then back to Jaén I was feeling just a little jaded and more than fed up with autovias (dual carriageways.) I headed off towards Alcala la Real, the day was miserable and grey, the roads empty and the views spread out all around me.

Long empty A-340 in Jaen, Andalucia

Long sweeping bends with good vision, a foot hard-pressed and revelation crept in - this definitely hits the nice-road, easy-driving category.

Want to see where exactly it is?

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