Antequera in Photos

Having very little time we drove straight to the Casco Historico and zipped around a tiny part of Antequera. We were impressed and will be back, this time to stay in the heart of the town, not out in the sticks like the Hotel La Fuente del Sol which we were checking out. At around 16 long, winding, impressive kilometres from Antequera, the area reminded me of Exmoor, a touch of Scotland and had definite wailings of Heathcliff during the windy night.

Hotel La Fuente del Sol patio and views

You may have gathered it was rather chilly and cloudy on our visit, we headed up to the surreal El Torcal to find ourselves enveloped in cloud. The mirador or viewpoint offered no view that day, but the whole effect was incredibly spooky and I was rather thankful there was no howling from the nearby Wolf Park.

El Torcal - in the clouds

Heading down to normality and towards Antequera a restaurant/museum, Molino Blanco, beckoned us in for coffee..

Antequera old town... saving the Alcazar visit for the next trip.

Leaving Antequera the Dolmens are a must...

Antequera is only 50km from Malaga and the so-called Costa del Sol, and world´s away in many respects. A great and varied 24-hour escape.


  1. Lovely place.Love to go back sometime. We saw the most beautiful Eagle Owl there in the mountains. Great walks and great food!

  2. A dear friend of mine lives in Antequera, so I get there often. Beautiful little place, and with the new AVE station, it's easy to get there from many places. I'd also recommend La Bombonera for tapas, especially the albondigas en tomate.

  3. Looks suitably creepy in the mist. Added to our visit list. Thanks for the article!
    Elle x

  4. I agree Patrick with so many places on my to visit list, not many warrant a second trip but this area has.

    Cat it is so near to Malaga too, yet worlds apart, now I need to return for the albondigas!

    Elle it certainly was creepy, visibility in the low cloud was minimal and my mind was working overtime! It is surreal at the best of times but on that day more so, especially as it got thicker as we climbed skywards.

  5. Loving your pics of the Torcal in the mist! Really spooky :-) By the way I can thoroughly recommend El Molino Blanco for food - I took a friend there after our Torcal walk and the staff didn't mind our muddy shoes and made lots of really good suggestions when we said we wanted to try small portions of lots of local specialities.

  6. I'd never thought of visiting until I saw this post - It is now on my (ever increasing) list! Great photos!


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