The Gorgeously Tacky Side of Old Corfu

A once great city now sadly decaying but with great charm. It touched me anyway, most of it. Not the tourist-trash shops where thousands of cruise passengers crawl the narrow streets buying junk gifts. Get beyond that, dig deeper into the shady alleys and the glory days can be imagined.

I´m a dreamer. Show me a ruin not a modern pristine build. Give me the rough edge worn look and we fit together well. I was in my element in the dishevelled, in need of love Old Corfu town.

'Corfu town is Venice and Naples, a touch of France and more than a dash of England, apart of course from being Greek' - Countess Flamburiari.

A fascinating mix of money and nationalities would have frequented the main Esplanadae, Europe´s largest square, and The Liston, a copy of the Parisian cafés in the Rue de Rivoli. This the hub of the old town, a rocky beach at one end and bandstand at the other, this was the spot for the nobility to sit in the sun drinking coffee and watch a spot of cricket.

When I arrived it was a raucous mass, I quickly dived down a dingy side street away from the throng of tourist-cruisers.

Corfu Main Plaza
The Liston, Corfu

The town is a glorious maze of narrow easy-to-get-lost-in streets dominated by the 16th century fortress. Turn around and everywhere there are tiny churches or sadly decaying nobleman´s house.

Steps, crannies, nooks and grandeur that was abound, decaying gracefully. I imagine it in its heyday, rich and proud, but think I´d prefer it´s faded melancoly of today.

Among the bustle, look out for those shops and stalls selling local items like wild honey, fig cakes, handmade lace and gorgeous leather handbags.

The narrow streets radiating off from the Liston bustle with small shops selling just about everything you can think of, with the main trade being gold. Corfiot craftsmen are excellent mkaers and designers of Greek Gold jewellry and with their competitive prices you may be tempted.

I bought no gold or handbags but took away great memories of a once great city.

Sadly I have no photos to go with this post (except the one of The Liston taken from an earlier post) as my laptop with three years of photos was stolen. A warning to me and all not to put all your photos on one laptop - please back yours up today.

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