How Do You Choose Your Holiday Rental in Spain?

When it comes to choosing your holiday destination do you choose the accommodation first or the area? When you think about Spain is it coast or mountains, tapas or history that first come to mind?

Spain is a huge country, around twice the size of the UK with one-third less people in it. It is a mountainous area with a ´green coast´ in the north because of all the rain and a desert in the south because it´s so hot and dry.

So what are your criteria for a holiday? Do you try and please the children or look for a bit of something for everyone? Is food more important than where you lay your head? Do you want to wake up in the morning overlooking the sea or watch the sun set behind the hills?

Olive Groves and Lake in Jaen

Maybe mountain biking or hiking in one of the many natural parks in Spain where another soul may not be seen all day or relaxing in the sun on a busy beach is for you.

Whatever makes a holiday special for it takes time to investigate the area, troll through villas, chalets, cottages or cortijos looking for the holiday rental to fit your family whether in a rural mountain village or town centre.

Alcazaba in Malaga

It´s not easy I know. When I go away with my parents they want seperate rooms, I have three sons who could share a room but what if a girlfriend comes too? Then there is hubby and I, so on our multi-generational trips it´s an absolute minimum of 4 bedrooms that we want. Then there´s hubby and my weekends away with our youngest, should we have a two-bed pad or one bedroom and a put-you-up, preferably not in the same room.

Fuengirola Marina

Lately we´ve stayed in a friends apartment, done a couple of house swaps but more straight forward and my top-rated easy to use website is Spain-Holiday both as a holiday rental owner and as a customer searching for holiday rentals in Spain it is the one I go to for whatever region of Spain we plan to visit next.

I think for me the fact that only Spain is covered simplifies the site and it is only Spain that I´m exploring for now!

The search starts with the general area, then the number of bedrooms required then finely honing down to the properties that deliver these and the difficult but fun choice then begins between individual properties.

What qualities/necessities do you look for in a holiday rental? Do leave me a comment and tell me what is important to you.

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