My Top Tapas

I´ve been asked several times lately what my favourite tapas is I say, yes I know it´s shallow and evasive, but I don´t have one particular favourite. So I thought it might be fun to do a post with several of my favourites, giving me time to think, which is another reason for the evasiveness, being put on the spot like that makes me panic.

Panic goes something like - Tapas? Favourite? Do I have one? Which is it? What´s it called? Is it that stuffed red one? Or that one that´s thicker than Gazpacho and orangey-er, whatever its name? No it´s that fried little something or other, isn´t it?

So denying a favourite helps me breathe and think. This post´ll probably take me days!

Of course these are from the commonly found tapas, not the posh or local or leftover variety.

Tortillitas de Camerones
Tortillitas de Camerones

My Top Favourite Tapas in Bars, Not Made by Me

In no order of favouritism and likely to change or increased.

Salmorejo - A thick tomato and garlic dip, a little like gazpacho

Berejenas con Miel de Caña - Aubergines with Molasses

Lomo al Orza - Pork with a Garlic Stuffing (not always great, but when you get a good one....)

Cogollos con Anchoas y Ajo - Wilted Little Gem Lettuces with Garlic Chips and Anchovies

Tortillitas de Camerones - Shrimp Fritters

Pimientos Piquillos rellenos con Bacalao - Piquillo Red Peppers filled with Salt Cod

Chopitos - Fried Baby Squid

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