My First Ever Ambulance Ride

The burly good-looking Norwegian guy stood looking down at me expectantly. I´d understood the ´Hi´ but the rest was a blank. It´s been many years since that feeling washed over me. A lost, useless, helpless mix swirling around inside. A weak smile and ´English?´ I asked.

Rather pleased I´d managed to speak in English this time. My normal response to not understanding the language spoken is to reply in Spanish. I know it´s wrong but my brain process goes something like - it´s not English, NOT ENGLISH, speak Spanish then, I do, and more confusion (and embarrassment) is born.

Oslo, sailing boats and Akershus Castle
Traditional Sailing Ships, Oslo. Akershus Castle in Background

I´d tripped over, hurt my knee and was limping along the pavement in Oslo when this Norwegian ambulance pulled up at the roadside. His English was excellent, as I found everywhere I went, and he was very practical (or I might have shown myself up even more) suggesting I should have my knee checked out and insisting he give me a lift to my destination when I negated the idea.

The best and cheapest tour guide and ride of my trip dropped me in front of the city hall, (the opposite direction to which I was heading) pointed out the quay and the sailing ship I was going on and vanished in his van. Pretty good service I´d say.

Hurting knee, wet muddy trousers, shocked and feeling rather sorry for myself I hobbled away. I hadn´t fallen over in years, I´d never ever been in an ambulance and I´d never been so far from home alone, so why I had to travel around 3,000 kms and sit on my backside in a plane for 4-hours each way for my first ambulance trip I dunno, I´ve just one complaint - I didn´t get to play with the sirens.


  1. First--I laughed out loud at your description of how your brain works! At least you have two languages to choose from--I only have English!

    And second--well, it definitely makes for an interesting story!

    (FYI--I'm here from your link over on Solo Traveler Blog! I was excited to see how the first winner's trip turned out. Glad you had a good time, despite this little 'incident'.)

  2. Tracy, thank you for commenting and coming over from Solo Traveler as you probably saw I haven´t yet written up my Solo in Oslo experience here - I´m better at doing things with deadlines and for others!

    Must stop prevaricating and get on with it.


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