Jaen to Malaga Airport by Bus

On my recent escape I took the bus from Jaen to Malaga, a trip which cost 18,10€. The bus stopped for 35 minutes in Granada bus station and then continued to Malaga bus station, the end of the line.

I was flying to the UK so then had the choice of another bus to the airport which I´d been told cost 2€. I opted for the train as I needed a knee stretch and had plenty of time to kill and only hand luggage on wheels.

After a cold beer in the sunshine I sauntered off in holiday mood towards the train station, which without the meander is only two minutes away, only to find a shopping centre within the station complex. A great way to kill time, even though I couldn´t buy anything without going over the baggage restriction weight.

The train cost 1.65€ and goes to the airport via other stops, then a bit of walking, all under cover and it´s check-in time.

I opted for the bus this time because I had a ride home on the return journey and its something I´ve wanted to do for ages although when, as is usual, four or five of us are travelling it becomes more expensive than taking the car. Also I just fancied the trip and views by bus but could have well done without the older Spanish ladies yelling on their mobiles most of the way.

I had allowed plenty of time, not knowing how it would work out. I could have got the bus three hours later without any problem - I know for next time and I´d do it again, it very mush depends on flight times which is why it was a possibility this time with a late flight into Birmingham.

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