Rabo de Toro - Oxtail

Oxtail was one of my favourite soups (out of a red tin) as a kid. I can´t imagine appreciating it now. I often look at the oxtails or bulls´ tails in the supermarkets here but haven´t succombed yet and the kids would have a fit!

Just perusing one of my many Spanish cookbooks Spain on a Plate by Mariá José Sevilla and her introduction to her Rabo de Toro recipe begins....

Every time I visit Cordoba, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, I stop at the El Caballo Rojo restaurant situated in the city centre near La Mezquita. Here they serve El Rabo de Toro which is without a doubt one of the tastiest dishes which I recommend to all my friends....

Guess where I´m going on my next Cordoba visit? It is definately a lovely city but as there are so many Spanish cities I have yet to visit it´s hard to say whether it´s one of the most beautiful or not.

I now think that I may not bypass the oxtails when next seen but they may hit the trolley and be prepared a la Mariá - sorry guys.

Mariá wrote and presented the BBC television series Spain on a Plate her book is available from Amazon.

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