Heatwave in Jaen

The present heatwave is supposedly hitting Cordoba and Jaen province the hardest. It´s melting the butter on the kitchen worktop and brought the fans into full-time use.

Melting and panting is what I´m doing plenty of too. The thermometer in the shade was saying 41.5ºC, 35ºC at 10am this morning. On top of that Google is teasing me by showing rain forecast for Jaen.

I look at the sky and think they´re wrong, but oh some rain would be lovely. I daren´t say that to family in England who are complaining about the weather and specifically rain.

Tomorrow, according to Google, it´s supposed to drop to 38ºC, let´s hope so. Update 28/06 Friends thermometer is Jaen city reading 48º.

Update 22/08 We are again getting temps over 40ºC pretty constantly - what a summer this year!

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