Don Quixote´s Windmills of Castilla-La Mancha

The first windmills I saw were miniatures ones that Quixote definitely wouldn´t have been in awe of.

The first sighting of some real ones were non too frightening either.

Then they became more giant-like.

And it became a lot more windy.

But what views.

These three windmills are in Puerto Lapice, one dates from the 1930s and the other two added in the 60s. We then headed towards four original ones in Alcazar de San Juan.

The roofs used to turn, but not anymore.

At this point I´d have been quite happy to escape windmills and heat but hubby wanted to see the inside workings of one - so off to Campo de Criptana we jolly well went.

To find nine more windmills, a tourist office, museum and an open windmill with all its glorious workings. We saw a model of the interior workings in the museum and at .50€ each I was content with that. Hubby wanted the real thing and paid another .60€ to climb up inside one.

I checked out a bar with a view and got the beers in.

We agreed it had been great fun, if hot, and that we´d return and do the whole route sometime but definately not in summer.

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