Quirky Toilets in Spain

Years ago my brother used to tease that I should have an A-Z guide of UK toilets as apparently, though not the way I remember it, everywhere we went I needed the loo. Any excuse to escape the car and him more like.

Well I´ve a Spanish wooden door post, a wooden church door post, a crosses post and now to a loo post. I mean everyone needs ´em, like ´em or not.

Now the normal run of the mill loo in the bars where I live are basic, no loo seats, and disgusting in sight and smell, bins overflowing with USED toilet paper. I have no photos of these.

This is a new thing. I don´t have a fetish or a guide of loos but when I spotted lovely wooden doors on the Moorish-arched loos at the Alcazaba in Malaga well, I just had to take a photo (and of course use them.)

Wooden Toilet Doors, Alcazaba Malaga

And then, lo and behold, on the way home what should I come across (and use) but another set of loos that, to me, warranted a photo. So here we go with a toilet collection and post, that will no doubt be added to.

Water Cistern toilets on the Via Verde de Aceite

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