AquaNets - Pool Safety Nets

The AquaNet a pool safety net that is designed so that it is only possible for adults to remove the net which is made of pre-shrunk net mesh of 8 cm which is impossible for even the smallest toddlers' head to go through.

Safety Features

The special U.V. treated polyethylene braid has a breaking strain of 160 kgs per strand.

A toddler cannot crawl to the centre or under the net.

Alarm available.

Aqua-Net has a 100% safety record. The safety net complies with the United States A.S.T.M. standards for pool safety nets (F1346-91).

Read all about the nets at AquaNet Majorca, these nets are now available in Andalucia.

Distributor in Andalucia:

Nicholas Webb

- Tel:953 564211
- nickwebb 1958 at gmail dot com

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