Kindle App for Free

Like a kid with a new toy, my Kindle App is my time-consumer of the moment. Having been totally anti-Kindle without even seeing one (yep I´m becomng a mardy old dame in the words of my neice) I downloaded the app to review a book.

Clear instructions and wanting a copy of the new cookbook Mouth-Watering Spanish Recipes by Victoria Twead only available at the moment on Kindle made this non-IT grump download both.

To tell the truth I´d seen and was impressed by the Kindle, don´t tell everybody, especially my sons, and it´s on my birthday list, for which there´s time to slowly melt and let them know I´m not so anti them now.

Kindle App from Amazon

So drag by drag I´m almost keeping up, but not very willing. Still my Kindle library is growing, I´m reading two books on the laptop and a physical one for snuggling down in bed (a real Kindle will solve that) so much so that I haven´t yet done the review that I downloaded the Kindle for.

Sorry Victoria, kindle closed, onto it right now, if no other distractions get in the way.

If you want the Kindle app (it´s free) go to Amazon, on the left hand side hover over Kindle and choose download free Kindle app or click here for Kindle Appfrom or from

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