Where Do You Most Want to Go in 2012?

Across The Cafe Table: Where do you most want to go in 2012 but haven’t been yet?

Yep it´s Cafe Table time with The Travel Belles again and yep I´m late again - but the intention was there. Does that count? I should get a few more Brownie points for knowing it was the day (last Wednesday) and getting around to it today (Sunday)?

Well it´s a biiiiig question. There are so many places in the world I want to go, certainly more than I don´t want to go to.

But - there are also so many beautiful historical cities in Spain I want to see, so I´m thinking doing short trips or long weekends (that sounds better and longer!) I´m going to say I want to go to:

Santiago de Compostela
Toledo and

In no order whatsoever only what the mind thought of. I daren´t look at a map or the list will quadruple. I´ve started small. With a busy looking year ahead I´ll be very happy to visit two off this list more would be bliss.

So in 2012 exploring outside Andalucia as well as within, anyone want to join me, Travel Belle or not? A city break?

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