No Warning for Snow in Jaén

Boy did Google let me down today. Rain it said. We got a heavy snowstorm while I was over at Casa El Regüelo showing an inspector around. One minute it was rain, then a few stray snowflakes then it fell. Big time. Huge flakes landed and settled in no time.

I slipped and slithered up and down hills to get home. Son number three was already there. The first sign of snow and they call the bus and get them home.

Then my lesson kids´mothers started to phone, "Don´t come up the hill in this!" They don´t know it´s only snow and life has to go on, but anyway a pleasant unplanned afternoon of was enjoyed - inside.

Jim our not very intelligent dog, stood out in it, licked it up and played with it. He hates rain, but with this he had no idea he was getting wet.

Still (hopefully) that´s our one day (actually more like two hours) of snow over for the winter.

Hmmm, What´s this stuff then?

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