Christmas Lights in Rural Andalucia

The Christmas lights in our hamlet have been up about four days. A whole flag of blue with a white star in the middle, not really Christmas colours and I´m pleased to say less extravagant than last year.

One nearby town decided last year to forego their lights and use the savings on employing those out of work. What a brilliant idea. This year I´m reading a lot less about making savings. The whole light-up is as early as ever, makes me wonder what other cut-backs the council will make to compensate.

Why? The situation hasn´t changed, it´s just not news any more. People are cutting back and learning to live within their means again. Mortgages are much more controlled and harder to get and the massive stock of property both old and new stands empty and waiting for the slow crawl of recovery from the ´crisis´.

Update: 17/12 Just read Martos (next town) has saved 10,000€ on last year´s bill for Christmas lights. If they´ve saved that much how much does it cost?

Update:18/12 Reading about Jaén´s light-up. The Christmas lights were turned on yesterday 17th, and will cost just 4% of what was spent last year.
The illuminations will be on for 21 days instead of 33 and they´ll use 87% less than in 2010.

This years bill will be 21.239 euros rather than last year´s 555.463 euros. Congratulations Jaén - impressive cuts.

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