Olive Oil and Olive Production in Jaén

Jáén produces around 25% of Spains olive oil. That´s more than the whole of Greece. About 60 million olive trees (more than the population of Spain) cover 1,482,000 acres and produce 450,000 tons of olive oil a year.

Olives still Green before ripening

Olives Trees in Jaén

Ripening Olives, changing from Green thru´Purple to Black

Ever wondered what the difference between Extra Virgen and Virgen oil is?

Extra virgen is the highest quality and therefore the most expensive olive oil. It is clear and tastes of olives. It can´t contain more than 0.8 grams per 100 grams, must be produced without any solvents, and under temperatures of less than 86°F or 30°C. So basically it´s just pure olive "juice".

For an oil to be classed as “extra virgin” it has to pass a chemical test and be tested by a trained tasting panel recognized by the International Olive Council.

I don´t think my five trees have much affect on the production but on a good year we´ve had 35 litres of oil, just about enough to see me through the year. A bad harvest´s supply may only last a couple of months.

I love the stuff and it´s so versatile, did you read my review on olive oil shampoo and body creams? They´re fab.

I´m going to try out a new olive oil recipe for Chocolate Mousse with Olive Oil before my supply dwindles, not really sure about chocolate and oil but always willing to try.

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