Travel Writing Course - Matador U Review

I finally took the leap and joined the Matador U Travel Writing Program, for $10 knowing I could cancel within a week.

This is my almost daily record/review so far.

Sun 16/10/11

It´s now almost 24 hours since I joined Matador U and I´m impressed so far. Telling myself I´d review their Writing Course helped sway me to part with $10 yesterday and another $290 in six days.
I´d also told myself I have seven days to cancel. I can´t see that happening. I want more hours in my days to spend more time perusing and digesting the course so far.

Mon 17/10/11

I´ve written a rambling blog post and submitted it to MatU as an evergreen piece. Scary stuff. Like handing in homework that you know is no good.
Not really sure about feedback, will it knock the confidence? (What confidence) I write by blog ´cos I want to. It´s selfish, an escape. Do I care if people like it or not. Some days yes others no.

We´ll see.

Definitely won´t be cancelling after 7 days though. I AM going to see this through and come out of the other side.
p.m Also submitted a short blurb to the Writing Lab a 24 hour open slot to submit any piece of writing. I put in an overview on Andalucia written to submit to Matador for their destination section.

Wed 19/10/11

Working on the 2nd part of Assignment 1 putting together a list of 5 publications/websites to pitch articles to. Spent far too long looking through other students list pinching some and making my own growing list of places to approach (one day maybe).

Sun 23/10/11

Getting a bit disillusioned now. No response to either piece from Matador people, one or two student responses.
Want some feedback to get onto next piece and it´s slow. Very slow. Many more days and I can see me losing enthusiasm to do more.

Mon 24/10/11

Got some feedback from the Writing Lab on my Andalucia overview – don´t use abound or charm! Still nothing on first assignment it´s been a week now.

Tue 25/10/11

Put my first piece on transitions (going between present and past) into Writing Lab. Scary stuff, putting yourself up for critique.


  1. Thanks for posting your experience. I am considering taking the course but hesitant because the cost is quite high. Would love to hear more about your experience. Have you completed it yet? What were the results?

  2. Hi Cristina, thanks for visiting my blog and asking the question. I haven´t yet finished the course, prevarication on my part! The next assignment is quite a challenge, writing three different styles of article on one place, I´m having trouble starting. But I am determined to see it through and thankfully there is no deadline.

    I´m enjoying it, but wish the feedback was a lot sooner. The forum is good and as interactive as you wish to make it. It is a challenge to spread your wings and get your writing out there rather than just on your own blog and it has certainly encouraged me to do that.

    There was a special offer on when I took the plunge so I´m not sure on the cost. What swayed it for me was the money -back refund and as I didn´t ask for my money back I guess that´s more than positive.

  3. Hi there I've just discovered the Matadoru courses and as I'm interested in both writing and photography together with travel have been considering taking one or two of the courses. Looking up reviews for the course I've come across yours and wonder a year on from your last post how the course turned out for you? Was it a positive experience?

  4. Hi Misosoup, I have to admit I haven´t finished the course! Not because it wasn´t good but one thing after another meant time constraints and it got left behind. I do keep popping in and have started the latest module/exercise but yet again other things happen. I want to finish it and feel it is worth the money it´s just life, work, kids.... and my old enemy prevarication.

    I do wish you success and let us know how to find your blog.



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