Slip Slidin´ Away

Slip Slidin´ Away I can´t remember how the lyrics go right now, but those are the words that come to mind about the season here in Andalucia.

Summer is fast slipping and sliding away, leaves are starting to fall, the mornings are chilly (to us softies) the nights drawing in, yet still I wear a vest top and bare feet - so no sign of SAD yet.

Once the socks go on it´s a permanent thing for the next four, five, six months, repairing the damage the summer sun, dust and walking about barefooted does to my feet.

Walnuts are beginning to drop, almonds collected and the pomegranates in my garden about to split their seams.

Pomegrante on  Tree

It´s always a sad moment when the watering system at our holiday home is turned off, not needed every day now, hand watering can be done if needed every three days or so but our new project veggie garden is still turned on.

With school now well underway, after a break for the town feria (yet not all school books have arrived) and my private English lessons revving up for an eighteen hour week with twenty-five (lovely sometimes) kids.

Next week, my first full weeks teaching since June will be fun, new kids names to remember, lessons to plan, temper to reign in and shattered I will be by 8pm on Friday.

And October here we well and truly come with sunshine and blue skies.

Anyone remind me of the lyrics? And who it was sung by?

Slip slidin´away .......?

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