Oh No, It´s Cooling Down

After a crazy ongoing summer with no rain it finally seems to be cooling down.
I´ve had to put long sleeves on and now jogging bottoms having been in shorts all day.

It´s great, blue sky and sunny, not ridiculously hot and now much cooler evenings. But we need rain. The olives that haven´t watering systems are shrivelling up on the trees.

It´s going to be a very poor harvest for many this year, yet the crop is a bumper one, such a shame. They´re falling off already even before turning black.

The dust goes on (I hate the dust), and now it´s fly time too. Annoying slow flies. October is always the worst and I´ve never understood why. Why why´s there so many flies?

Why aren´t there any flies on the coast either? Anyone fill me in?

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