It´s Big Green Preying Mantis Season

It´s preying mantis season again, going from one type to anthor. We´ve just had the smaller ones the colour of dried grasses and now it´s the large bright green ones.

Yesterday this fellow was inside the front door curtain, I popped him on a plant and got some not very good photos. This morning there was one without a head outside the back door. Poor chap. We know what he´d been doing.

They are just so amazing,the head rolls around on its neck to look at you with a feeling that they´re going to pounch.

I think Bug´s Life did its take off of them excellently.


  1. Wow they're amazing insects! But why do their heads come off..?! (found you through BlogHorm)

  2. Hi Maria,

    It´s said that during mating the female praying mantis starts to eat her partner, beginning at the head.

    It´s not supposed to stop him finishing mating!

  3. I love Praying Mantis's... There's something so graceful about the way they move, I wish we had them here! :)

  4. There is something amazing about them, the way they look at you. The way their heads seem to do a 3/4 turn, so smoothly and gentile.

    The legs are incredible too, the way they bend in half.

    I´m so fortunate to live where I do now.


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