Back to School in Andalucia (moan)

It's nearly that time, summer is over-ing and thoughts are on
school books and clothes that don't fit after three long months of only shorts or trunks. Feet have grown, arms have stretched what a relief only one is in school now.

When we first came to Andalucia we had to buy the school books which averaged around 120 Euros per child. They often changed books every two years, so even though there is only 2.5 years difference between my eldest two rarely did the books from son A do for son B.

These days the govenment pays for the books and guess what, they rarely change them now!

Long gone are the days when shops ran out and I'd have to try different towns around the area to get the books needed.

No more school runs either. After fifteen years of them, I'm not sure it'll be good for me. Now what will make me get dressed in the mornings? Just be an extended year long holiday.

My youngest starts in ESO Educación Secundaria Obligatoria or secondary school on 15th September. The first day they go in around 11am for about an hour.

I popped into school to ask what time they start and what time the bus will come to our little hamlet and, this is Spain remember.

They didn´t know yet. One week from start day and they don´t know what time there are gonna start?

Somethings don´t change, some things have improved, slightly. I still moan. But wouldn´t return to the UK, even if we could afford to.

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