Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalusia

And no! I´m not talking about me.

I finally have received a copy of Two Middle-Aged Ladies in Andalusia a book I´ve been wanting for ages. Amazon finally did me proud and only 22 days or so after ordering (yes, I was counting) it arrived.

Fortunately my neighbour delivered it, as he does when the postman can´t be bothered to travel that bit further to my house, after dark so I didn´t have long to wait until I could get stuck right in.

The authoress Penelope Chetwode, wife of John Betjeman, first published it in 1963 (good year that one!). My mind runs riot as to the state of Andalucia in those days, the years of hunger my neighbours call them. Franco was still in power and poverty the norm.

Not an ideal moment for a woman travelling alone with just her mare (the other middle-aged lady) and with only a smattering of Spanish.

I´m going to enjoy this and try not to rush it. Watch out for my review of it (not too soon) I hope.

Update 3rd Sept - see the review.

Two Middle Aged Ladies in Andalusia is available from Amazon, I bought my copy from there.

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