So Much to Share

I´m home. I´m overwhelmed with all I have to share. I don´t want to go anywhere without an internet connection on tap ever again!

How can I write up camping trips and a twelve day holiday? Definately should have been able to share along the way. The hub went off with step-dad and sons, I stayed at the pad with my eighty year old mum.

Fuengirola was all I expected sand, sun and mainly English. The apartment was nice though. Salt pool, lovely gardens lots of balconies to watch and write an imaginary novel about the inhabitants. Filling in mum´s memory, answering the same question repeatedly, having a giggle.

She doesn´t want to be eighty and constantly warns me off it. Relationships change, frailty creeps in, not sure where from but not seeing her very often it seems to have taken over quite rapidly.

Confusion often reigns and you can´t just pick them up, cuddle them and send them on their way as with the toddlers. Is it better if they are aware of what´s happening or not? I´m not going to go there. She´s still my mum. Always will be.

She´s the main reason I didn´t write at all while away. It´s precious the time I had with her, especially just the two of us. How could I think of heading out for free wifi or going to the internet café and leaving her alone like every normal night for her in England.

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