"Entrelobos" Spanish Film

I went to our local "town hall" with its fold back ceiling last night to watch Entre Lobos, which translates as Among Wolves or Between Wolves.

Made in 2010 and directed by Geraldo Olivares it´s a drama not reccomended for children under 7 years of age.

My son went on a school trip to the cinema in Jaén to see it. He quite liked it but said it was both sad and boring. I then questioned some of the girls that had seen it (handy doing English lessons sometimes) who said it was very sad but very good. Umm. Worth seeing I thought.

It´s the first time I´ve had beer and tapas under the stars while watching a film, most enjoyable, shame about the uncomfortable seats though, but I guess for a 1 Euro entrance fee I shouldn´t complain.

Set in a lost valley in the Sierra Morena, which is now part of the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro, this true stories tells the life of Marcos a 7 year-old who was given by his father to an old shepherd to help look after sheep.

After a short time the shepherd died leaving Marco isolated and alone in the depths of uninhabited rough terrain. Throughout his youth he had no contact with humans only the wildlife around.

Having to learn to fend for himself he befriended some wolf cubs, who over the years became his protectors.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, not the chairs or the fairly bad sound, but as there wasn´t really a lot of language in it, it didn´t matter too much.

I´d watch it again, maybe when it´s been released in English and preferably from my comfy armchair.

Next week The Kings Speech is on. I certainly want to see it but NOT in Spanish!

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